Stouts and Star WarsWARNING: This might be a drunk post because of stouts.

Some days are just bad. Nothing goes your way. Bills come due. Working late on a Friday. The socks you want to wear are not clean!!

Tonight, I come home and I am highly irritable pretty confrontational. The boss came to me with a project at 3:45 PM on a Friday afternoon. Didn’t get done with it until 6! Also, I have been shopping for Christmas presents and seeing my bank account dwindle. This wasn’t helping my mood. Seeing friends make decisions and go on with their life without me is also kind of weird. What do I do with the stress of life and coping with adulting so hard? Stouts and Star Wars.

If you don’t know that I am a Star Wars fan then you don’t know me and we need to grab a beer together. If you do know that I am Star Wars fan, then we need to grab a beer together.

I also really love stouts. Between the amazing commercial stouts that I enjoy to my award-winning Ale X Imperial Stout that is my favorite beer to homebrew, stouts are an immense source of pleasure. Apparently people like to drink Ale X. Just ask Nigel.

The roast, chocolate, dark flavors riding on a full mouth feel of a beer that is usually accompanied by an ABV that is higher than most. That is a stout. Stouts embody an animal of their own. They can have a harsh bitterness of coffee or roast. They can be smoothed out by age, chocolate, and dark fruity flavors. A barrel aged stout matures like a fine wine. I have been playing with these characteristics in a stout for quite some time. I want to make the best stout I can.

img_2778This is how I cope with adulting. The difficult, rough, and long days are taken in stride by evaluating and learning from beers I drink and making the beers I homebrew better. Some would compare stouts to the empire because they are dark and tempting. However, I would say that pilsners and other light lagers are more imperial than darker beers. Those lagers are more rigid and less forgiving like Darth Vader and his disturbance for lack of faith and intelligence of officers. Stouts allow for more complexity, diversity, and flat out rebellious attitude.

While tonight I’ve had some Grimm Double Negative and Stone’s Xocoveza, I would encourage you to come to ZZ Hop’s Chocolate Competition in January. That is where Ale X Chocolate will be unleashed on the world like a revolutionary idea!