Through the KC Bier CoAwhile ago I was lucky enough to speak with a few brewery owners in town. I was able to sit down with entrepreneurs around KC and pick their brains about how they got started and found out about pitfalls for each of them. I owe each of them an immense amount of gratitude and well you know writing down what I learned from each of them. For know I just want to take time to continue my alphabet with one of those local breweries. This is why K is for Kansas City Bier Company. Located at 79th and Wornall, this Reinhiestgebot brewery is tucked away just off the beaten path. Out of respect and admiration of the German brewing and beer styles, KC Bier Co has made a very comfortable and inviting environment for all beer lovers and their families.

Good food and good beer at KC Bier Co

Good food and good beer at KC Bier Co

Last Sunday I had to park in the street because the parking lot was packed but walked across the street, some grass, and through the biergarten and easily I picked a couple spots at the bar. I passed an accordion player belting out some polka music that had me wanting to start dancing a polka that I only get to see around Oktoberfest.

Among a lot of Chiefs red and gold on a lazy Sunday evening after a Kansas City Chiefs victory, I slipped in and ordered a few beers and a pretzel. While you all might be familiar with KC Bier Co’s normal Helles, Dunkel, and Heffeweizen, the taproom offerings are quite awesome! While I did spot a silly Broncos fan, everyone was laughing and having a good time in an amazing family friendly atmosphere. I got the bartender’s attention and I ordered a Der Hammer an Imperial Pale Ale with good malt flavor, the Weizenbock an Imperial Wheat beer making it citrus sweet, Dunkel and Russin a Hefeweizen with Sprite and Lemon Juice. These beers were great and refreshing pairing well with a piping hot fluffy Bavarian pretzel. There are a few options for sausages and heartier dishes, and all really well priced.

After the pretzel, I had that last of my beer on the patio overlooking the biergarten. I learned that “zum Biergarten” means to the beer garden in German. This outdoor area had a lot of tables, a bags game, and even a playhouse for the kids.

Patio at KC Bier Co

Playhouse and field big enough for Soccer practice. Tables and yard games to relax and drink good beer.

Good food and good beer at KC Bier Co paired with the family friendly set up is a great asset for the community and really embodies my perception of what the Waldo area is.

If you are looking for an excuse to go, then be sure to attend Bier for Barks at KC Bier Co on November 17th from 2 PM to 11 PM. KC Bier Co has partnered with Rescue K-911 to bring some beer specials, a puppy treat vending machine and a photo shoot for you and your dog! You should make it out there!

Keep an eye out because every so often you can spot Steve Holle enjoying a beer and you should walk up and say hi! I talked to him while he was there having come back from the Chiefs game.