As you read the beer profiles I am studying for the Certified Beer Server exam, you will notice some words that I have not or rarely used before. I want to set up what these mean so that we are on the same page as well I can cement my understanding for them. These posts will also have a set format for easy reference and reading.

For the format I am going lay it out like this:

  • Style name
  • Color
    • This will be a range of SRM
    • Describing light to dark rather than clarity
  • Perceived Bitterness
    • Five different classifications
      • Low
      • Moderate
      • Pronounce
      • Assertive
      • Highly Assertive
  • Alcohol
    • Range of ABV%
  • Flavor profile
    • Description of the style
  • Examples of the style
  • Fun facts
    • History
    • Specific ingredient make up
  • Related Styles

Here is a list of words that I want to define:

  • SRM
    • Standard Reference Method
    • Measurement of the gradual loss of light through beer
    • Scale of 2 to 40+
    • Straw to Black
  • Perceived Bitterness
    • While International Bitterness Unit(IBU) is a mathematical equation based on hops put into a beer, perceived bitterness is bitterness after the hops are balanced with the malts in the beer.
  • Note I reserve the right to add more and update these terms as I go through this process

Please let me know if you have any questions!


And the Journey begins!

And the Journey begins!